SCGA Junior participants and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf e-Leaders watched Latanna Stone and Megan Schofill go head-to-head for 33 holes at the championship match of the 123rd U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship on Sunday, August 13 at Bel-Air Country Club. They also had the opportunity to meet a legend, Amy Alcott.  

Thanks to the generosity of Bel-Air Country Club and Friends of Golf, 20 juniors gathered on the grill room patio for lunch followed by a riveting Q&A with the LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famer. 

Our juniors were inspired to hear that Ms. Alcott began playing in the front yard of her childhood home, putting into sprinkler heads and soup cans. Everyone chuckled when Ms. Alcott shared that her neighborhood nickname was “one more Alcott,” as she always pleaded to have one more putt before it was time to head into the house for homework or dinner. 

Ms. Alcott emphasized remembering that “you are more than your number.” In other words, one’s self-worth and self-confidence should not be determined by how they are playing on a given day. Many girls were encouraged by Ms. Alcott’s playing career successes and appreciated her candid reflections. 

Throughout her time with our juniors, Ms. Alcott, who boasts 33 professional victories worldwide spanning a 40-year career, continued to underscore the importance of preparation and “finding bliss” through the game. She powerfully highlighted the many more opportunities available for female juniors today, reminding the girls that she had to play on the men’s team when she was in high school. 

The afternoon wrapped with autographs and photos and additional tips on how to improve one’s mental game. Thank you, Bel-Air Country Club, Friends of Golf and Ms. Alcott for a memorable moment concluding the 123rd U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship!

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Photo credit: Derek Ban / IG: @banflicks